Why do people enjoy sailing

Why do people enjoy sailing?

Travel by sea or so-called sailing is one of the ways preferred to use for vacation and leisure, it gives a person a sense of pleasure and safety. Travel is also fun and relaxes nerves, as a person can navigate for practical, social, recreational, educational, or therapeutic purposes. 

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Benefits of sailing for people

There are many benefits to sailing, including:

  • Some people move away from the routine responsibilities and strains of daily life.
  • Helps eliminate the negative energy that’s present in the body.
  • He acquires skills to socialize across countries and learn about different cultures.
  • Sailing helps to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and landscapes that relax the soul and calm the nerves.
  • Navigation helps to identify the customs, traditions, and cultures of nations and peoples.
  • Strengthens human capacity to plan, implement, and budget.
  • Is a way to recognize some of the different skills.
  • Sailing is one way to record memories.
  • Is one of the ways to get to know new people.
  • Enjoying beautiful scenery by traveling by sea.
  • Enjoying the sounds of birds, the rustling of water, and the rustling of trees.
  • It’s useful because it caused the smell of flowers and the smell of rain.

Making use of pleasure and business trips

Although many people enjoy sailing, there are some problems for the crew, as there is a possibility that older persons will be exposed to chronic medical problems such as heart and lung disease, some people may have some problems due to sailing although many people enjoy sailing, and one passenger will have more serious problems than anything expected.

Some of the risks and problems may be that there is no facility such as a hospital on the ship, since the person performing the medical services must not have known and knew about all diseases and there is a risk of contagious diseases among travelers, There are some people who travel on the ship as volunteers, including:

Volunteering as a member of the crew

There’s no need for sailing experience to be part of the crew, but it needs to be more flexible. There’s a variety of cleaning and night shifts. Many wealthy yachtsmen resort to yachting and food offerings in exchange for manpower on their yachts. They may fire people with no prior sailing experience for teaching them in their own way.

Traveling as a friend

You are considered to be one of the best people where a person travels as a friend and gives a person a sense of pleasure, if you see it as not a job, you guarantee good company to a free place on the ship, such as marriage when he volunteers to work on a yacht as a hand in cleaning and preparing food, But you see you’re traveling as a friend on the ship, not someone who’s doing some very stressful service.

Travel as a teacher for children

One of the longest journeys of yachting and adventure lovers, which may require volunteers to be teaching professionals to contribute to the education of children with their families, 

 This work belongs to a teacher and not to a specific person, The child is accompanied by a nursemaid who takes care of the child, especially if the child is of very young age.

Traveling as a volunteer on a research vessel

A submarine that many people are searching for, since the scientific research vessels, which have many Marine life societies, dolphin lovers, and whales, are among the ships that spend long months at sea collecting samples and carrying out experiments, Which requires many volunteers mentioned earlier to do all the services on board.

Be a ship chef

One of the most important tasks onboard that are demanded of yachts and ships in preparing food for the crew before they awaken them from sleep is considered to be the ship’s most important operations, Armies, they say, crawl on their bellies, but large research vessels and yachts require people with a culinary experience, who use professionals to help people.

Steps to eliminate the risk of sailing

Sailing or travelling by sea is one of the basic means of transportation for many, favoured by many, entertaining some, and even more enjoyable, since the security and safety of the ship in which the traveller is travelling must be ensured and fully protected, 

 However, there are certain risks to which a person could be exposed, since in recent years there have been many news ships being inspected by drowning, and many inhabitants of developing countries have emigrated to the developed world illegally, thereby losing the safety of people, Many young people want better lives for themselves and their families, putting them at risk from sailing or traveling by sea, but among the advice that must be taken into account to avoid risks.

  • Right choice: When making travel decisions, it is essential to ensure that, from the outset, when making the decision to travel, a shipping company with a significant history is selected in which people and individuals are safely connected, and anyone who thinks about illegal migration or movement must think twice before taking such a step, which is one of the risks to which a person is exposed and from which he or she is exposed.
  • Not to give up: Self-control should be exercised in case the ship sinks, the individual tries his best to control emotions as far as possible, not to panic, to regroup, to reach the lifeboats in the stampede, but not in a way that puts much at risk.
  • Life jacket: The use of life vests, which are available on the market at different prices and for his or her family members, as a precaution so as not to put himself or herself at risk, as adequate vests will certainly not be found on the vessel in the event of a drowning.
  • Heavy clothes: It is preferable to wear heavy clothing that will protect against the extreme cold at sea and sweat as the water is colder.
  • Pieces of wood: In the event that the offense is misdirected, it is preferable to use some pieces of wood, and to find anything to hang on to to get it someplace safe.
  • Life rings: It is preferable to cluster individuals in circles to avoid risks and to help each other avoid the risk of death.

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