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What’s The Best Wind Direction For Sea Fishing

Do wind directions affect the movement of fish? Are there other factors than wind or not? We will answer these questions in detail in this article.

The wind has a clear effect on fish activity, as it may affect in indirect ways; This is due to the difference in wind intensity, direction and strength, but here we will stop and ask an important question:

How wind affects fishing?

best wind direction for sea fishing

There are three main and important impacts, including:

  • A change in the water temperature due to the wind: for example, the winds coming from the west side have cooler air, while the eastern winds have warm air, and thus the water surface temperature is affected by the incoming wind.
    For example, when the wind is coming from the cooler west, the water surface temperature decreases, which negatively affects the fish activity and the fishing process.
  • The strong air currents have effectiveness in increasing the fish movement, as they work to transfer the impurities in the water to a certain place, so the impurities impede the fish movement.
  • Water surface disturbances due to changing wind directions steadily and rapidly, this affects the movement of fish, which distracts their attention and thus becomes a good opportunity for fishing.

There are bad wind directions, be aware of them, as to help you for better fishing:

Northern winds. The fish movement is characterized by traveling in the opposite wind’s direction; Thus the chance of fishing becomes weak. Of course, it follows from this situation, that the fish don’t settle in one place to eat but are constantly roaming. Not all times are suitable for fishing, it is necessary to know all the necessary information in order to have wonderful and enjoyable fishing.

How do I determine that these winds are northerly winds, if you are a beginner, here are the following:

  • When the water is completely clear, the fish feels anxious and may reach its abstinence from food. Be careful of large fish that roam around.
  • When you find straw floating to the shore. Also, you’ll find Sand steenbras fish that live on the beaches.

Find out the best wind direction for sea fishing:

best wind direction for sea fishing

In order to ensure great fishing, know some important tips:

The wind direction should be constant for at least three days so that the fish activity doesn’t change with the wind.

The best wind directions are (southwest, west, and northwest), but pay attention to the westerly wind because it is the beginning of a winter storm

  • The eastern wind is suitable for pelagic fishing.
  • The southern winds are well suited for Squid fishing.

There are other factors affecting fish activity, what are they?


  1. it’s an important factor as there are specific places are rich in fish. Be aware of where the fish are and where they are not.
  2. We can say that there are some things that fish are attracted to, such as, near beaches, rocks, or straw, also, insects and parasites that fish feed on.
  3. From fishermen experience, there is a general rule that tells you to search for anything strange in the water and there you find fish.


  1. Determining the time is critical for the fishing process as it’s not random, but it’s based on specific dates. This is due to the different seasons and the changes in the water.
  2. The best fishing times during the month are the beginning, middle, and last days of the month. Also, the best timing is around 5 AM & 5 PM. The times are determined by the moon, which has a major role in the fishing process.

Water temperature

  • Water temperature definitely affects the fish activities, for example, there are fish types that are very active in the lower temperatures of the water.
  • In winter, there are fish types that disappear due to extreme cold and resort to rocky places and narrow tunnels for feeling warm and conserving energy. Also, notice that fish go out in search of food and renew their activity.

There are also some factors that affect fish behavior, including:

  • Tides:
    it’s one of the most important natural phenomena, which directly affects water movement. During tides, the water moves back and forth towards the shore due to the strong magnetic field of the moon.

Keep in mind:

When flow occurs, the water increases at the beaches. the opposite happens with the ebb, so the water recedes and gets confined to the interior.

  • Water currents and water pressure:
    The behavior and activity of fish changes according to their type and nature. There are fish that can withstand water pressure and water currents.

Note, fish resort to the beaches in search of food only, which means that while the fish deep in the see don’t need food as they feel full.


We’ve discussed all the points of the best wind direction for sea fishing & how the wind does affect fish activity, and we also learned about other factors that affect fish behavior other than the direction.

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