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Best 7 Water Sports In Sharm El Sheikh

The (fun) not (final) destination. It is a brief about Sharm el sheikh where everyone can stop his struggling in life for a little bit, and have fun, release stress, and for sure feel the joy. Sharm el-Sheikh is full of stunning views, vibrant resorts, and an abundant array of water sports and activities. These sports and activities are the main attractive elements in this adorable city as these sports and activities give you a well-deserved integrated experience of recreation. Various water sports in Sharm el sheikh permits you to enjoy 2 different categories of water sports, Team-based and Individual-based water sports.

Here, a list of the best-recommended water sports in Sharm el sheikh that cannot be missed, are you ready?

Here is The 7 Water Sports In Sharm El Sheikh

Individual-based water sports

Although these water sports are individually based, however, they can be done by groups that make competency and fun higher.

  • Swimming
Water Sports in Sharm el Sheikh, Swimming

Swimming is an amazing water sport that can be done individually or in teams. It is a special recreation sport because it increases body fitness and stamina, makes your whole-body workout challenging your limits. That is why you need to warm up well to avoid cramp and make the blood flowing and your body ready for being in the water. You can swim in pools or open water. If you swim in the pool, try to wear a swimming cap to protect your scalp does not flake. If you swim in the open water, try to wear some goggles with shaded lenses to protect your eyes from the sun. Do not miss to buy a suitable swimming suit to make your swimming more enjoyable.

  • Surfing
Water Sports in Sharm el Sheikh, Surfing

Surfing is considered the most common board-based water sports. Surfing is to ride the waves, actually, the wave face that moves you towards the shore. It is not as simple as that but also not impossible. The secret to correctly do it in balance. you have to maintain the proper posture while riding the waves to develop your balance while riding the wave. Another prominent form of surfing is body boarding, when a surfer rides the wave on a bodyboard, either lying on their belly, drop a knee (one foot and one knee on the board), or sometimes even standing up on a bodyboard. Other types of surfing include knee boarding, surf matting (riding inflatable mats), and using foils.

  • Windsurfing
Water Sports in Sharm el Sheikh, Windsurfing

Windsurfing water sport is q mix of surfing and sailing. It also can be called “sailboarding” and “boardsailing”. The keyword is to control both the board and the sail. Surfer has to move with the board while he sails according to the wind. A sailboard will move, depending on wind conditions and the skill or intentions of the rider, in two entirely different manners, with two different displacements; it will either sail or hydroplane. A sensation likened to low-level flying may be experienced by the hydroplaning windsurfer.

  • Jet Skiing
Water Sports in Sharm el Sheikh, Jet Skiing

If you are an adrenaline addict, this amazing water sport is for you. Jet skiing is a wonderful water sport that makes you live the racing adventure over a body of water. It involves competitiveness in some beaches between an average that depends on different parameters. Do not worry if you never skied before, it is just a few trials of riding to be familiar with it. It is important to make sure that you are safely riding, wearing a life jacket, and being aware of your surroundings.

  • Fishing
Water Sports in Sharm el Sheikh, Fishing

In comparison with the last shown water sports, fishing is not an active sport at all. Fishing is a lazy relaxed sport that can be done alone, with friends, or maybe family. Fishing release your stress and makes you focus on only one goal which is to get fish easily without losing it. When you do it with a group it ignites the competition among you. To win this competition, take care of the following tips;

  • Glue your bait to anchor the worm in place
  • Downgrade your bait and change your retrieval speed when fish around you stop biting
  • Use plastic grubs to catch everything from bass to perch to saltwater species when nothing else worked. It is a subtle lure, so fish do not have to swim as fast to catch it.
  • Try to not be rough handling the fish. Hold it at the bottom of the lip, and do not remove its slime. Fish can get diseases if they do not have the slime, which protects them.

Team-based water sports

Everything you share decreases but the fun, so sharing it means more fun and more joy. The Team-based water sports category is most suited for groups, friends, and even families who love to do sports together and compete with each other in teams.

  • Water Polo
Water Sports in Sharm el-Sheikh, Water Polo


Let us start with one of the oldest Olympic sports. It can be called Water Polo as well as football in the water. It’s played like ordinary football but instead of the playground, there is a pool. The match played between 2 teams; each one consists of 7 players who have 2 objectives. The first objective is to defend the ball, and the second one is to score as many goals as they can to win the match. Every player must swim which means a full-body workout, challenging matches, and a lot of strategies.

  • Kayaking
Water Sports in Sharm el Sheikh, Kayaking

Kayaking is an exciting water sport that increases your body strength and makes you fit. Kayaking depends on using the kayak to cross over the water. To do kayaking you sit in a low seat in the kayak while extending your legs in front. Paddling with a paddler makes you move across the water if you use the kayak’s kinetic energy to your advantage. Be keen on knowing the Kayaking language. Kayaking language is some hand signals and gestures that help you communicate with your group. And to avoid possible bad actions in the water, invest in waterproof cases to protect your electronic devices. It is also important to make duct tape while kayaking.

These fantastic water sports are not the only water sports in Sharm el sheik. Sharm el-sheik has many recreational activities in water and on land. You can take a look at what else to do there from the following articles:


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