Is scuba diving scary

Is scuba diving scary

Do you feel scared when you go scuba diving? Is it really scary as some people claim? I don’t think so, because scuba diving is the best distinctive form of excitement that you could ever enjoy.

Actually, those who always frightened from going deep underwater don’t know how much happiness they’ll feel if they spend the experience as it should be.

You might have got some bad impressions about scuba diving like fear and anxiety or you have a bad experience about it, but in all cases, this fear can be easily treated if you know well the causes of those negative and how to encounter them.

Is scuba diving scary?

In this article, I’ll show you why you feel scared? And types of fears you could feel underwater and causes of all of that. Then, I’ll explain how to overcome your negative emotions and how to control your thoughts to be ready for indulging in a scuba diving journey.

Once you understand the game rules you can play well with trust and passion. You’ll go deep and lie on the seabed with happiness and joy.

What are feels you could face underwater?

Is scuba diving scary

I know that feeling trapped underwater is a daunting feeling that you surely don’t want to pass by. And when we gather all the underwater negative feelings we found that all are significantly about inner fears which can be addressed easily if we know its main causes and solutions. So, I’ll show you these fears in a clear example then provide solutions to you.

Mary is a 23 years old girl who has a bad impression of diving from her dad. Also, she has unsuccessful experiences in swimming when she was at the primary school, all of that make her generally afraid of touching the water, especially being a long time under the sea surface.

Mary tried many times to cope with the problem and control her severe anxiety, but she was overly worried about some specific points like she could meet sharks, eels or octopus in the deep water, or she will be surrounded by dark in the aquatic life which reminds her of a closed room that can’t get out of, and that’s for sure unpleasant feelings.

She always asks herself “how can I breathe normally with this apparatus in my mouth? I think that’s not comfortable and probably I couldn’t able to inhale easily. Also, what can I do if the air ran out? Would I die?”

I think these are normal feelings and questions you could think of when deciding to go underwater. And it’s good to know the answers before taking the first step in diving learning to be sure that these feelings are not real at all. Let’s go now to know more about the causes of these feelings and solutions.

Fear of drowning and how to control it

Fear of drowning and how to control it

It’s a natural fear and you shouldn’t consider it as a sign for your inability to dive, but look at it as a turning point, which means if you encounter your fears and start to abandon it you’ll overcome one of the largest problems in your life.

Initially and before going to dive, try imagination exercises, by imagining yourself underwater among coral reefs and the quite water waves touch your face and body, what amazing feeling, seriously it can change your mood. Think about diving as a type of meditation that extends you with positive energy, not a hassle or a hard commitment.

Just be convinced that if you know all underwater signs and take enough exercises about diving with a professional instructor you won’t be afraid and you won’t lose the control.

Put in your mind that the aquatic life can never hurt you. How can a warm and charming life like this hurt you? It’s full of peace and many creatures that support you to stay there as long as you can.

If you feel fear inhale and exhale slowly, touch the sand with observing the surrounded area, didn’t listen to your inner voice and negative thoughts, communicate well with your buddies, and Finally, remember that hundreds and hundreds of people became divers and no one is hurt underwater as long as they apply rules correctly.

Fear of sharks and how can we deal with it

Fear of sharks and how can we deal with it

Here you will know wrong information about this point specifically, sharks do not often attack humans in the water because they and many other marine animals avoid us because of these noisy bubbles we produce while exhaling during our diving.

Just try when seeing a shark to not do any strange or abnormal behaviors, be quiet, and don’t be offensive because those are the main reasons that support sharks to attack you.

Watch them quietly and enjoy the realm of sharks, they are exquisite creatures full of amazing surprises. By time, you will be accustomed to dive among sharks with no fear or anxiety.

Suffering from claustrophobia? Don’t worry there’s a solution

Suffering from claustrophobia? Don’t worry there’s a solution

We gave you above a short hint about claustrophobia and how it prevents you from enjoying the best diving experience ever. Let’s take a close look at its symptoms and ways to cure it.

Its famous symptoms summarized in losing self-control, deep anxiety attacks, difficulty in breathing, and suffocation feeling underwater. But the first ideas jump into your mind during claustrophobia that you’re alone surrounded with dark and unfamiliar creatures and these wrong ideas must be corrected first.

Firstly, try to avoid and beat the dark and loneliness feelings by imaginations, imagine the aquatic life as a vital life full of excitement, not a dark one full of fear. Watch many videos about underwater adventures and think of how much beauty it has.

Then, go with friends to the sea, touch the water and the sand, feel the textures of them, let your inner voice speak loudly with some positive thoughts.

Make a deal with professional diving experts and start this journey with them and don’t forget to explain your fears because they will be the best people to guide you.

Finally, you can contact a therapist to share with him your fears and thoughts, he will treat all these things by going deep inside you and treat the problems’ roots.

Do you fear of running out of air? That’s can be addressed easily

Do you fear of running out of air? That’s can be addressed easily

You know, this fear comes directly from lack of knowledge of how the regulator work, so inhale in the regulator regularly to get used to it. Exercise first on the dry land and be aware of all options of your air equipment.

When being underwater, try to check your air gauges regularly, and trust that the right use of air equipment won’t cause any fail and in case that happened, the air will flow freely which means there will be too much air not low amount of it as you think.

Fear of failure and how to overcome it

Fear of failure and how to overcome it

Here, we’ll Talk about your desire and your passion about scuba diving, sometimes when we feel the high passion we feel fear of failure too because our desire of success is very very high, it’s a good thing to have high passion but you should keep in your mind that you will pass a long journey which will have challenges and difficulties to get the success that you dream of.

So, be patient and ready for challenges, manage your expectations, and set a plan for your goals and be sure that you will succeed in the end.


Now, you know a lot of information about negative fears of scuba diving and how to encounter them. Now it’s your role to manage your fears and take steps to learn scuba diving, just ensure professionalism when you choose the instructor and you will get the success you seek. And here is benfites of scuba diving to encourge you.