How To Freedive Deeper

How To Freedive Deeper? Full Explanation

This article is about how you can take an overdose of entertainment and joy. To experience the fun in the water of Sharm el-Sheikh where the real meaning of natural beauty exists, is a kind of real escapism. One of the most amazing activities in summer vibes in Sharm el-Sheikh is diving. Scuba diving is the most well-known underwater activity. It is considered as a sport for professionals and trainers with high skills in diving.

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Although scuba diving requires very high skilled professionals to perform, there are some light pieces of training for amateurs to make them able to enjoy scuba diving without any problems, but this article is for daring seekers who prefer to freedive deep and deep. If you are addicted to adventures and like your journeys and trips full of excitement, so this article is for you.

To seek more joy and happiness you have to do more effort and training to get what you need. Here, a manual or guide you can follow to freedive deeper. Before we start, notify that it is not enough at all to just know the fundamentals of how-to freedive deeper. You must make sure that you practice these fundamentals well to save your time and yourself under the water while diving deeply. That is why this article concludes the best practices and exercises to do to deeply freedive.

Your freediving can be greatly improved by improving two main elements: breath-holding and relaxation.

While diving there are obstacles that may affect badly your diving.

First: your normal total breath-hold time which usually must be increased to dive well.
Second: getting panic or being afraid during diving are the big enemies you might face underwater as they consume your power and fatigue your muscles.

So, our guide mainly depends on improving the 1st element by increasing your total breath-hold time. This of course does not mean that any other factors are negligible nor not important like fin-type, finning technique, diet… etc., But in this article, we tell you to concentrate on only the most two important elements affecting your freediving experience.

So, How To Freedive deeper By Boosting your total breath-hold time?

How To Freedive Deeper

It does not matter how your stuff is good if you are not able to master your breath-hold. So, let us go in deep of this section to know the secrets of increasing your total breath-hold time.

1. Your General Breathing Ability

Although the pieces of training and techniques, we are about to show, are the same presented, humans are not the same. There is a big variance between us. Some people have well health and others do not. Our daily routines control the health status of every one of us. This means that the same program of training will not necessarily lead to the same results for everyone due to everyone’s health status. Do not worry! Everyone can maximize his total breath-hold time after practicing the following techniques to freedive deeply for more than 110 feet.

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2. Exercises to boost your General Breathing Ability

breathing exercises , how to freedive deeper

There are many exercises to be performed to maximize your general breathing ability, as we mentioned before, but in this article, we focus only on 3 important exercises which are: Abdominal Breathing, using an air-restriction device daily, and Pranayama Yoga.

2.1. Abdominal Breathing

Before showing the first exercise there is an important question; why we said, “Abdominal Breathing” not just Breathing? Exactly as you thought because there are different types of breathing and this is the perfect used one. Many free divers used another type of breathing, Chest Breathing, guessing that it is Abdominal Breathing, but it is not true, so let us have a quick brief of both types of Breathing types.

  • Abdominal Breathing
    Breathing in through your nose so that your belly (stomach) and entire abdominal cavity expands first. After that, your chest fills up with air, and when you exhale through your mouth. This is abdominal breathing. It has different names like diaphragmatic breathing and belly-breathing, but they refer to the same exercise “Abdominal breathing”. It is very simple and easy, however, people used to do another exercise which is called chest breathing.
  • Chest Breathing
    Chest breathing is when you inhale rapidly and quite shallowly into the top portion of your lungs. This lowers your body’s ability to absorb oxygen into your bloodstream; leading to more subsequent breaths needed to keep your body running (and shorter breath-hold time).

If you do not know the difference between both types, you low your ability to breathe before even you get under the water. Not only lowering your breathing ability is the problem, but also it may lead to killing you! So now how can you perform the right suitable breathing type to get what you want safely and quickly? The following steps are the right steps to perform Abdominal Breathing perfectly:

1st step Stand with your back straight.
2nd Step: Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly.
3rd Step: Breathe in slowly through your nose and feel your belly rise.
4th Step: Breathe out through your mouth and feel your belly flatten.
*Note: For the previous steps, keep your hand on the chest as much as possible. *
5th Step: Repeat for 10 breaths.
It will be great to do this exercise 3 times on average, daily. One time needs at most 2 minutes.

2.2. Air Restriction Devices

The Abdominal Breathing is not the only way to enhance your general breathing ability, you can use another way which is called Air Restriction Devices. These devices aim to train your lungs by limiting the amount of air you inhale and exhale. This training strengthens your lung capacity, increases your CO2 threshold, and boosts your overall breath-holding capability. It will be great to use the ARD 2 times a day.

2.3. Pranayama Yoga

Yoga has many branches which all can be useful in increasing your breathing ability. However, Pranayama Yoga is considered as the best Yoga branch to get what you need, because you will learn how to do calm breathe, deeply, and efficiently.