How to Attract Fish for Spearfishing

How to Attract Fish for Spearfishing?

“I was just wondering what the best way to attract fish when reef diving is. The deepest I go is about 6m. Should I burly up the water or use flashers or something? I’m not very experienced, I just shoot what I see and don’t try to lure fish in. Cheers, Luke.”

This is an inquiry and question by a spearfishing amateur in a spearfishing forum. He asked for advice on attracting fish and other spearfishing experts replied with some advice concluded as follows.

How to Attract Fish for Spearfishing?

Bigger Fish

It is said that the larger the fish is, the more intelligent it seems to be! Bigger fishes are more experienced, more careful, that’s the reason why they grow big!

By the time you go into the water for spearfishing, you will find that your presence underwater no longer scares away small fishes, they even seem to not mind your presence at the bottom. 

On the other hand, the story differs with larger fish. Larger fishes are not attracted to you, they seem to feel your presence and swim away from you slowly.

How to Attract Fish for Spearfishing

Spear fishers may use some different techniques to attract larger fish close, such as throwing a stone, diving and waiting for the fish to come close to where the stone landed or scratching the bottom with a knife or with gloves.


Spearfishing techniques include, but not limited to luring the targets. Divers and spearfishers may also use other common methods to attract fish, including:

Burley Trails

The better way to catch fish is to identify its need and manipulate this need. A burly trail is a combination of minced bait that can be set anywhere to lure the fish and have a feeding chain started.

There are different types of burley that you can use. All these types are combinations of minced bait of various types of fish and shellfish, such as mussels.

The burley comes on packets and pre-mixed powders. You can also find bottles of liquid scents and additives used for attracting the fish. You can make your own burley using the scraps of leftover fish from your old fish bait or yesterday’s meal and mix them with certain scents and spices, then use the bread crumb to bind all the ingredients together.

Burley trails are mainly used for attracting the swarms of small hungry fish which, in turn, draw the attention of the targeted bigger fish.

How to Attract Fish for Spearfishing

Fishing Flashers & Dodgers

Fishing flashers are metallic or shiny objects that fishermen use to attract blue water fish. This is the method preferred by many fishermen for it is less likely to attract sharks.

Flashing lures can be submerged at various depths where each depth attracts different types of fish. Moreover, it is preferred to move the flashing lures to attract more fish, whether when you are at the boat or before going deeper into the water.

You can also apply reflective tape on your speargun to lure the fish to it directly. Also, the more you move underwater with your speargun, the more fish you attract. However, you should stop moving if you identify your target so that the target is not scared away.

Dodgers are like the flashers. They are also used for luring and catching fish, especially salmon, with vibrations. However, dodgers are not like the flashers in the way they are rounded; flashers spin because of their narrower front end while dodgers spin at both ends.

Spoon Dropping

Spoon dropping is a Hawaiian trick based on dropping a spoon in the water and letting it sink. The spoon shape allows it to fall slowly and give off reflection rays like a flasher or a dodger.

Moreover, fishermen may lure the fish more by swimming towards the spoon as they are competing for bait so that the fish become triggered and go towards what they think is food.

Spoons are cheap and available everywhere, they are shiny also.

Gun Flasher

Gun flashers depend on applying blades, spoons, or any other reflective on the muzzle of the speargun instead of the reflective tape. Here, you should use a stainless steel polished object to give off the most reflection.

In general, this method is used to distract the fish by the reflection of a polished flasher, so they become easily caught.

In Sum

You have now a glimpse of some techniques and methods used by experienced fishermen and divers to attract fish. It is your turn; read the article and apply the best method or technique appropriate to you.