what to look for when buying a speargun

what to look for when buying a speargun

If you are a spear buster, you must choose the speargun according to many specifications that give you the strength and precision to hunt.

The sport of spearfishing has been widespread since the 1930s, largely among amateur fishermen, and is used only by people who seek pleasure and not for profit.


One of the oldest spears used in hunting was introduced in the 1940s after the sport became popular from the outset and is used extensively in some countries.

But most fishermen do not prefer to use them, especially with many of the more sophisticated spear guns, but they are characterized by the fisherman’s ability to catch fish over long distances and low regression power.

Spearguns have considerable propulsion from the armor supply of air and are of suitable length to prevent column bending during launch.

Band-Powered Guns

When compared with a spear air rifle, the air rifle is considered best because of its ease of use, the fact that it does not need to be filled with air pressure every short period, does not make any noise during the launch, it has great precision and provides overall visibility to the hunter through open gags along with the spear, it has a long life and does not require periodic maintenance.

Made of carbon fibre and aluminium and rapidly rust-resistant glass, the rifle is often about 6.5 to 7 mm in length and has many additives, so it will require a thick hand glove and pillow to protect the chest area from spear firing.

European Style SpearGun (Euro Gun)

This is one of the most widely used spearguns in the United States of America and was widely used throughout Europe, It has the advantage of not making any noise that leads to the escape of fish, but the strength and durability required, This weapon is designed to be lightweight.

Light thickness of 6-7.5 mm affecting column bending while aiming but the problem can be overcome by a skilled fisherman, all guns of this type are made from metal fibres or carbon fibres, while the handle is made of hard and stainless plastic with some waterproof steel parts, providing light pressure and strong propulsion.

It should be noted, however, that this species is not suitable for large fish, since large fish may bend the pole during the drag.

what to look for when buying a speargun

Rail Gun

Modern rifles used heavily in fishing, especially in Africa, where many fishermen prefer to use this type on the riverbanks, However, they can also be used in diving by professional fishermen, thanks to the longevity that allows shooting and fishing from faraway places.

The outer wall of the iron rifle is large, and the crater thickness ranges from 7 to 8. The rifle is made of stainless steel and the arrow is made of sturdy plastic with steel.

Some have a bit of difficulty in controlling the rifle right after the spear was fired, but it has the advantage of firing the pole that provides high precision and a direct target.

American-Style Speargun

The spear of American-style fishing is one of the most effective guns in fishing, with high power and high manufacturing to catch big fish efficiently.

Consisting of a pole made of certain types of tough wood, at the end of the pole there are several outstanding lines that carry steel weapons, this rifle comes with a pole about 7 to 8 mm in length, and at the end of the pole is a powerful steel hunting weapon.

American-style spear rifles are well made and wood-dense, which make them eligible for heavyweights. They are designed for the capture of large fish. Unlike other guns, the tip of the spear is attached to the end of the rifle.

Additional choices in selecting the appropriate spear:

The hunter’s choice of a hunting rifle does not depend solely on the type or brand, but there are some additional choices that have a significant impact on the type of weapon.

Speargun size

Many factors depend on a fisherman’s choice of the size of the speargun, such as the water’s purity, the natural location where he catches and the size of the fish he wishes to catch.

But we can give you the most important advice on the appropriate spear size:

  • If the nature of the water in which they hunt is dark or in caves, it is best to choose small spearguns, a spear 50 to 75 cm long being the best choice.
  • If the place where you fish is rich in coral, it’s best not to pick a spear less than 122 centimeters long.
  • In the case of open fishing with various large fish, it is preferable to choose a spear from 60 to 65 cm.

what to look for when buying a speargun


The normal length of the pole is 6 to 9 MMT, and the spear pole is made of rust-resistant solid steel and corrosion, plus an additional layer of steel coating from the outside to better protect.

There are, however, some defects in steel spears, as stainless steel does not bend adequately during drawing, and in some species, it is completely bent resistant.

Encapsulated steel may look good in curvature, but with time it may be rusted, especially if fishing is in saltwater.

The best way to utilize a steel pole is to polish where steel turns brown after high temperature and becomes more flexible in fishing.


There are different types of spear points, but two are more widely used in spear guns, which are different depending on the type of fish and size:

  • The first, known as rock head, is characterized by a light thickness that is suitable for sensitive, low-strength fish and is strong and resistant to bending or damage as a result of rock collision.
  • The second type is triple-cut points, which are suitable for large fish and consist of thick skin or strong bones that require considerable force to penetrate their body.
  • A disadvantage of this type is that it can be bent and damaged if a fisherman misses and collides with the rocks, and many fishermen dislike it.