Best places to learn spearfishing

Best Places to Learn Spearfishing

Spearfishing has become addictive nowadays. It is one of the most uniquely exciting water sports you would ever try. People have been catching fish using spears, and this is the technique that was used since the dawn of man till now. However, using a spear to catch fish -although it is an ancient and merely basic tradition- is not an easy mission.

A spearfisher should learn to target fish, shoot and dive, and protect himself above or beneath the underwater line. Here are the best places to learn spearfishing, whether in Egypt or around the world.

Best places to learn spearfishing in the world 

The world is full of unique and exciting spearfishing destinations including, but not limited to:

Best Places to Learn Spearfishing


Hawaii is one of the best marine destinations around the world. Its unique waters and traditional and cultural ties to spearfishing make it a perfect place to not only learn spearfishing but to practice it and become a spearfishing expert!

Hawaii has its own spearfishing style, the Hawaiian style sling spear or pole spear, and Hawaiians are avid and skillful spearos, that is why such delicious seafood is served in Hawaii.

Hawaii has many centers for learning all types of diving and purchasing equipment and gear. Thus, you can find there the spearfishing gear you need and join the spearfishing communities available where you learn how to use the Hawaiian sling.

In Hawaii, Kailua-Kona in particular, beginners can catch the Giant Trevally while experts can take the challenge and go for Bigeye Tuna.

It is worth mentioning that scuba spearfishing is prohibited in the western islands in Hawaii. However, choices in Hawaii are various and you can go for other spots or even choose freediving spearfishing or another.


Bali, a paradise on earth, is another unique travel destination in Indonesia. In Bali, you find clear waters that are hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Besides its amazing diving sites, Bali is known for its spearfishing locations, where you can learn spearfishing. It is familiar with its various marine creatures so that you can start with a smaller draw to reach a bigger one.

You can catch Dogtooth Tuna, Giant Trevally, and some types of monster fish.

If you are a beginner or would like to learn spearfishing, Bali is a perfect place for its clear waters, various marine creatures and diving, and spearfishing communities available there. You can learn spearfishing easily from the groups and clubs on its shores, and even from the locals.

Bali has no specific regulations or laws for prohibiting spearfishing. Locals are found using spearfishing in their catches and trips and it is not weird to find tourists practicing spearfishing comfortably.


Japanese people are experts in fishing. Fish is the main meal on the menu of many Japanese tables and restaurants. Japan is also known as making up 15% of the total fish catch around the world.

Best Places to Learn Spearfishing

Japan has a rich history of spearfishing and freediving as well. Japan’s Ama, the tradition of women divers who have been freediving for abalone and sea urchins since the 1700s, is still at it today, despite the threats to the environment from overfishing.

The prime spearfishing coasts and shores in Japan are Okinawa and Zamami Island.

Florida Keys

If you are looking for a lifetime spearfishing experience, you should wait till the first of May and come to the Florida Keys with those spearfishing enthusiasts from all around the world.

It is full of shallow spots and deep areas suitable for those starting to learn spearfishing and the experts willing to practice shallow water spearfishing, freediving, scuba spearfishing.

You can enjoy catching Hogfish, Tuna, and others. However, you should be careful and have a partner with you for some spots are not safe for beginners. A roaming shark may sniff you from miles away.

It is worth mentioning that Florida has specific rules for spearfishing and fish you can and cannot catch, watch them out during your trip.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde, another paradise on earth, is an archipelago in Africa. It is a dream and unique destination for spearfishing. You can catch Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Cubera Snappers and Sailfish, and so on.

Also, spearfishers are fond of Wahoo fish and its speed, as it is one of the fastest predators in the sea, and catching it is a challenge.

Best places to learn spearfishing in Egypt

In general, spearfishing is prohibited and illegal in Egypt in the Red Sea although there are no specific regulations or laws for it, it is allowed in the Mediterranean. In the Red Sea, many damages are caused to the reefs and ecosystem by diving tourism, affecting marine life and leading some communities there to stop spearfishing trips.

Best Places to Learn Spearfishing

However, there are communities organizing trips and courses for spearfishing, such as Egypt Spearfishing Club, which is a club for freediving and spearfishing. In addition, there are spearfishing trips organized among friends where they learn and practice spearfishing.

In Sum

We provided you with a brief on some best places to learn spearfishing in the world. The list is not limited to these places and you can find other places suitable for you, but be aware of the regulations and laws applicable there.

Now, it is your turn to go and learn spearfishing or to practice it if you are experienced enough.